its a rare si ght 

bicker bicker of….I dunno what really LAuhgs—

clothes were funny, still are, pay no min d

he looks more like a shark now pRAISE THE LAWd

Dont get fooled he’s mean behind that smile—

I might need to add height refs to these sheets sweats 



collabed icons for dA with Chibichum!

brotherly love >w<

slowly getting through this— hopefully 

maidmodel sent:

Surprise bitch bet you thought you'd seen the last of me -sale de la nada desde Minnesota- how are you doing?

LOL hehe 8)) of course not-

Im doing pretty dandy at the moment uvu)s! not much to report I think, i THINk— and how about you? c:

Dream babe and Tomatoe prince 8))))) 

I stopped caring and I had some fun, I’ll do a couple more  

what I love doing most on the chibs is the eyes…and figuring out stockings eve

big blackout today and this is what I did…mah boi, probs in his pjs 

posing? what’s that hM hm anyways here Devilin’s ref/outfit at last ‘v’ Im iffy but satisfied?? y e 

this is what I was satisfied with cries. New outfit/ref for Oswald! next is Devilin—  

movie reviews from Phero are top quality ye and possible new outfit for Agares c:


pancakelament sent:

Deu is cute- but also scary- but also cute!! I am torn. This is not an ask. (tho the real cutie is you)

hehe uvu I’d go with both for hi-