Hello and welcome!I am a tiny ursa who enjoys playing pokemon and

other games in general when I'm not drawing my OCs and whatnot.Feel free to ask anything you're doubting about! I don't bite :>

I wanted to try this style out ;v;

I don’t know what to do

advice from a lazy goat

transparent cause?? how bacground


wanted and still wanna doodle some more Oswald.

laughs nervously new dood anthro cacturn named Nicodéme—

It gives me second hand embarrassment and I blame Oswald for it.

from a few weeks back.

I had nothing to draw so made the thing I got from here

My weakness traditional media cries
hopefully better next time

tries to practice a bit with head structure somewhat sweats I have a long way to go-

ondore replied to your post: really all I need is a name and clothe…



really all I need is a name and clothes for him and I’m sET

naaammes pleease-

sombrasaurus sent:

Will Ceder ever strut his stuff? B)

if he gets the chance most likely B)) (like this one LAughs)

ondore sent:

what is something mio doesnt wany anyone to find out about

whispers teddy collection and softie

ondore sent:

does cedar have any friends does he have a BEST frien d

that would be a no- (IM gomen)

ondore sent:

does phero have a reason why he drinks so much or does he just do it for fun

He has two reasons. One is for fun, the second one is that drinking so much will somehow knock him to sleep hopefully (he’s an insomniac) He might have a third one but those two are the main—