Hello and welcome!I am a tiny ursa who enjoys playing pokemon and

other games in general when I'm not drawing my OCs and whatnot.Feel free to ask anything you're doubting about! I don't bite :>

My weakness traditional media cries
hopefully better next time

tries to practice a bit with head structure somewhat sweats I have a long way to go-

ondore replied to your post: really all I need is a name and clothe…



really all I need is a name and clothes for him and I’m sET

naaammes pleease-

I might need new music- or really rehear old ones lmao

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Will Ceder ever strut his stuff? B)

if he gets the chance most likely B)) (like this one LAughs)

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what is something mio doesnt wany anyone to find out about

whispers teddy collection and softie

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does cedar have any friends does he have a BEST frien d

that would be a no- (IM gomen)

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does phero have a reason why he drinks so much or does he just do it for fun

He has two reasons. One is for fun, the second one is that drinking so much will somehow knock him to sleep hopefully (he’s an insomniac) He might have a third one but those two are the main—

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give me some THEME SONGS FOR SOME OF YOUR OCs thankx

aaahh uhhhh mmmmmm I think I answered this one before BUT lEMME sEE

Devilin:  Madworld - Death & Honour

Mio + Ceder: Kumi Tanioka - Magii is Everything (from the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles game)

The potion shop theme from The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time also works for Ceder lmao

Deu: The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time - kakariko village theme

Dokota: Takeharu Ishimote - Economical shoppers/black market (the world ends with you soundtrack)

Oswald: The legend of Zelda Majora’s mask - The indigo- Go (or something with the same jazzy feeling lmao cause that one’s short—)

Phero: Takeharu Ishimote - Deja vu (the world ends with you soundtrack)

Agares: Hellsing I think uh second opening?

and for now that’s all I can think of @v@)a huhuu

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do angels in your universe have any kind of magic?

uhhh I don’t think so? the only magical thing they really have are gems that hold onto their weapons. Gotta chant something to ‘summon’ them ovo

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HIHI pindori do the bossfight thing again for somebody



Devilin specializes in fists and Oswald in kicks so they’ll work together most of the time to kick butt, in this case yours-. In many instances they’ll come to you as a team and try to combo you, dodge it to the best of your ability to get them separated and then you can attack them. In other times they’ll also attack you individually while the other rests at a distance, try to attack the one far away with one of your own combos before they team up again.

If you are able to defeat Oswald first Devilin will go rage mode level 1 and start to breath fire at you and do the same punching combos, if you defeat that then comes level 2. Oswald doesn’t have this ability but if you defeat Devilin first you’ll go directly into his level 2 rage.

Level two means the twins will go into giant beast mode, their mechanics works somewhat like Ganons from Zelda: twilight princess??? except without the teletransportation gimmick. They’ll just run around you and attack you at the same time with thrashes, can’t get out of those if you get trapped in them. How to defeat them? bow and Arrow. close all of their eyes and blind them because once in that mode all 4 eyes open.

oh man I love the soundtrack of Madworld for these two uh maybe “Move” from it? setting probably an old construction site or a back alley??

man that’s long LOL

yeeee come on down, props if you make me draw the answer ewe yeAH LETs TRy sweats

I wanna say my style change a liTTle just a little


suddenly new followers I didn’t realize wheeze oh my- hello there! ouo