been a while since black and white <H<

uh for better view— cause its p small here <A<

or you know click on it does the trick too

has no idea of how to do champion outfits

ahh I don’t usually post fanart, but I kind of liked this one ;v;

its for a group in DA uvu

You said only a sketch, I got carried away

and well o<-< I hope it looks alright— qvq”

but for you friendo for you

he does

I can’t handle his face omfg

bro’s are always fun to doodle :> I also changed Deu’s horns around

and a new concept for Agares, I think I might keep ‘v’


:> ehe bro s being doofus’

okok I think

I thhiiiiink I need to chill a bit with how tragic I can make some bg stories

cause man

aw yis practice painting and a lampent—

the three levels of Phero la Ughs

he went from bunny horns to back ones because :I;; ayy lmao orz 

I fucked up on the sketch layers and so it became an almost 1 layer drawing ahaaa nnn and what is anatom y ??? ?

its noOt The final one?? ? but its getting there :’I slowly but surely

I kept the leggsss ye, but I think Imma rest from designing these for a bit-

— Anonymous: A character from the DS game 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors!! Code name and all! uwú)9 And for a series....Fairy Tail!! Any guild is fine~! Yes?


I do want me some boots- ahe but I think that’s how it would be?? ? I don’t have much knowledge from the game tbh

As for fairy tale

Blue Pegasus? ? sounds good to me lol

I like the legs/marks and shoulders too h u e

And PHERo knucklehead that I think I fucked up more lol;;;

Happy birthday Bro~! C: